Everyone has a different perspective on how their home should shape to be. People in Nanaimo however, are switching towards more compact and simpler homes.

As the birth rates appear to lower in the region, the need for having huge homes also appears to be coming down.


Considering the option of scaling down to a smaller place and doing it are two things separated by a huge amount of effort. You must go through a whole process of reallocating your resources and come up with a new lifestyle for a newer, smaller home.

In this post, you’ll find five easy to take approaches for downsizing your home in Nanaimo.


  • Start by considering your real and most necessary needs. You can do this by making a list of your daily life priorities and how you view the importance of different parts of your house. Having a spacious living room with multiple rugs on the floor and a formal lounge area may appear to be charming, but how many times do you utilize that space in a day?


  • Second, you’ll have to explore your wardrobe like you never have. Make sure you dig into each and every cabinet and take out everything you find. Collect every piece of clothing that you have in the house and gather it in one place. Take a hard look at each of the clothing items and only keep what’s necessary. Having excessive clothes requires more storage space. The clothes that don’t make into your wardrobe shall be donated.


  • Thirdly, categorize your furniture into multiple categories ranging from most important to “I have no idea what this is doing in my house”. Furniture takes up the most amount of space in a house. Therefore, go through all the sofas, rugs, decoration pieces and collective items that take up unnecessary space. Imagine how all the furniture will fit into your new place as you shift into a smaller home. This shall help you in making a better decision on which furniture to keep.


  • Afterwards, take a look at all the stuff you have after inventory downsizing. Now reconsider the amount of space you’ll require to fit all of your stuff into comfortably. This will give you an idea about the dimension of housing that you should search for.


  • Finally, start the search process. Decide on a neighborhood where you would like to live in your smaller, simpler home. Also, because you’ll be looking for a smaller home this time, you’ll have the liberty of looking for homes in somewhat posh areas. This shall help you towards living an improved lifestyle.

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