1. Swap in some dimmer switches.

You won’t break the bank buying dimmer switches; expect to pay $15-40 apiece. And the end result is a modern, chic home ready for a romantic dinner with mood lighting.

Granted, you don’t want to electrocute yourself in the process. Read an article or two on swapping out light switches, so you don’t end up with Einstein hair. But the process is pretty simple: You unscrew the cover plate, pull out the box, disconnect the old switch, connect the new switch, and then cover it again with the plate.

2. Replace (or Refinish) the Front Door

Once again, you don’t need hard-core handyman credentials to swap out a door. You know those round things the door swings on, better known as hinges? They’re held in by a couple screws.

The average value return was 90.7%, with the average cost being $1,413 and the average value boost being $1,282. But a new steel door itself only costs $200-400! Your actual ROI could be closer to 400%.

And if you don’t want to buy a new door, you can always refinish your old door, if it’s wooden. A little sanding, a little lacquer, and you have a gorgeous new (looking) door.

3. Get real with curb appeal.

Curb appeal matters. A lot. Psychological studies reveal that most people make up their mind whether to purchase (or rent) a home within seconds of seeing it. Everything they see afterward just confirms their decision.

Imagine your property is going on a series of first dates. Get it looking appropriately polished because if people don’t like what they see on the outside, they’ll never give the inside a fair chance.

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